How do I deploy over the network?

SmartDeploy has been designed to be extremely flexible and to fit within a diverse set of existing environments and infrastructures. To that end, you can use any simple file share and related hardware to host your deployment packages. At deployment time, you can tell SmartDeploy to pull from any accessible location, whether a local resource, such as a USB drive, or a network share, mapped to a local drive letter. All of this can be done via a common Windows Browse dialog box at deployment time.

If you like to use a network cable to do your imaging, you can integrate SmartDeploy with Microsoft Windows Deployment Services (WDS). WDS is a role that you configure within Windows Server and only requires common infrastructure components such as AD, DHCP, and DNS. SmartDeploy generates the Image.wim and Boot.wim files needed and can be directly imported into the WDS console. When it is all setup, plug in the network cable, hit the power button, press the keystroke to network boot (such as F12) and away you go.

Get more details on integrating SmartDeploy with WDS.

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  • 26-Apr-2018