How do I use Box with SmartDeploy?

SmartDeploy Box Configuration

 In order to integrate Box storage with SmartDeploy at minimum a Starter Business plan from Box is required. Prior to authenticating in the SmartDeploy Console, the following steps must be completed to authorize the SmartDeploy Application to access your Box subscription.

Grant SmartDeploy access to Enterprise Box account

  1. Login into Box as a Box Administrator.
  2. Select Admin Console.

  3. From the Admin Console, select Enterprise Settings.

  4. Within Enterprise Settings click on the Apps tab.

  5. Scroll down to the Custom Applications section and click Authorize New App.

  6. Enter the API Key for the SmartDeploy Box Application: kr62znf8pog6o6tqaixig3aey2kpvtjy

  7. At the App Authorization prompt click Authorize.

  8. Use the side menu to go back to Account & Billing.

  9. Make note of the Enterprise ID. This ID will be required by SmartDeploy when authenticating with Box.

  10. The first time SmartDeploy authenticates with your enterprise, it will create a user called SmartDeploy. The Storage Quota for this account will be set to Unlimited by default.  SmartDeploy will use this user account to store all Platform Packs, images, Deployment Packages and applications.
  11. To revoke SmartDeploy access from your enterprise, disable or delete the app authorization under Custom Applications.

View SmartDeploy User Account

  1. Login into Box as a Box Administrator.
  2. From the side menu select Admin Console.

  3. Select Users & Groups.

  4. Locate the SmartDeploy AppUser, click on the ellipses, and select Log in to this Account.

  5. Under All Files there should be a SmartDeploy folder and associated sub-folders.

Known Issues

Certain tiers of plans include advanced security settings for content creation. One of these settings, under Enterprise Settings | Content Creation | Restrict Content Creation, is a checkbox, Only admins can create and delete first-level folders, files, and bookmarks.

If you check this checkbox, then the SmartDeploy Box Application will not be able to create its folder structure or upload files. In order to use the SmartDeploy Box Application, this checkbox must remain unchecked.

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  • 15-Oct-2019