What is Boot or Deployment Media?

Boot media is the term for the different methods for booting a device into the SmartDeploy Pre-Installation Environment (SmartPE), created using the SmartDeploy Media Wizard. The types of boot media include:

  • Boot media: A bootable USB hard drive, DVD set, or ISO file. This media contains only the SmartPE and, optionally, a SmartDeploy answer file.
  • Offline deployment media: A bootable USB hard drive, DVD set, or ISO file that also contains all the components that are required to boot target computers and deploy images.
  • WDS boot media: A boot image that contains the SmartPE for use with a Windows Deployment Services (WDS) host.
    Note: For more information, see our guide for integrating SmartDeploy with your existing WDS service.
  • Deployment Package: A Deployment Package contains all the necessary components for a network-based deployment initiated from the SmartDeploy Console. This is an alternative to using SmartDeploy boot media with Windows Deployment Services.
    Note: For more information, see our Console-Initiated Deployments article.  

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