Create WDS Media

For a detailed walkthrough of how to integrate SmartDeploy with Windows Deployment Services (WDS), please see our article for Integrating SmartDeploy with Windows Deployment Services


Create WDS Boot Media 

  1. In the Activities workspace of the SmartDeploy Console, click Reimage Devices, and then click Create Media.
  2. On the Welcome to the Media Wizard page, click Next.
  3. Select WDS boot media, and then click Next. 
  4. Select the Platform Packs for any model and OS to which you plan to deploy, and then click Next.
    NoteBy default, all Platform Packs will be selected on the Platform Pack page. It's important to leave selected the Platform Pack for any model that you may deploy to.  
  5. Under Custom answer file, click Browse to browse to and select the answer file that you previously created.
  6. In Optional SmartPE Password, specify a password to prevent SmartDeploy from starting and deploying an image by an unauthorized user, and then click Next
  7. On the Media Type page, select the preferred architecture for the boot image, and then click Next.  
  8. On the Save Options page, click Browse, chose a name and location for your SmartDeploy WDS boot image, click Save, and then click Next.
  9. Click Finish to create the boot image. 
  10. After the boot image is successfully created, click OK to close the Media Wizard. 


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