Create a SmartDeploy Client Installation Package

The SmartDeploy Client is a lightweight agent that can be installed manually or as part of deployment. This article describes how to create an MSI package for installing the client manually or by using Group Policy or scripting. 

Create a SmartDeploy Client Installation Package

  1. In the Activities workspace of the SmartDeploy Console, click Add Devices, and then click Generate Client Installer.

  2. In Console Server Name or IP Address, type the host name or IP address of your SmartDeploy Console Host.
    Note: We recommend that you use the host name of your SmartDeploy Console Host rather than the IP address if you intend to install this client that may need to use a cloud connection type. 
  3. Click Browse, browse to a location to save the SDEClientSetup.msi file, click Save, and then click OK.
    Optional: You can check the box for Cloud Only Connection to force clients to use the Cloud to connect to your console, regardless of being on the same local network, or connected to the network via VPN.

After the Client Installer is successfully created, click OK.

Note: When adding clients expected to connect via the cloud, allow 10 to 25 minutes for the client to appear in the Computer Management workspace of the SmartDeploy Console.

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