Force a Cloud Connection

If the SmartDeploy client cannot reach the SmartDeploy Console host via the local network after approximately 5 minutes, it  will automatically switch to use the Cloud Broker service. 

If you would instead prefer to force a client to use the Cloud Broker service by default, you can create a new SmartDeploy Client Installation Package that's configured to force a cloud connection.

If you would like to change the configuration of a SmartDeploy Client installation without re-installing the SmartDeploy Client, you can do the following; 

  1. Open the Services.msc tool and stop the SmartDeploy Client Service.
  2. Open Notepad as Administrator and browse to and open C:\Program Files\SmartDeploy\ClientService\ClientConfig.json
  3. Change the "ConnectionType" value to 2.
  4. Save and close ClientConfig.json.
  5. Start the SmartDeploy Client Service.

After the change has taken effect, you will see the Connection Type change from Local to Cloud

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