Step 3: Image a Device

Note: A console-initiated deployment requires a network Deployment Package. If you haven't already create one, see the Create a Deployment Package article in the Boot Media section of the User's Guide.

 Start the Console-Initiated Deployment

  1. In the Computer Management workspace of the SmartDeploy Console, identify one or more computers that you want to deploy your image to.
    Note: Clients that appear in the Computer Management workspace in gray or faded text indicate that the device is off or there's another issue preventing a full connection between the console host and client. Deployments won't work when clients are in this state. Please see the Advanced Configuration and Troubleshooting section for more information.
  2. Click to select the client(s) that you want to deploy to, and then click Deploy Image.
    Note: You can use Control or Shift to select multiple clients.
  3. In Deployment Package, select the Deployment Package that you want to use for this deployment.
  4. Review the Deployment Package information, and adjust the optional settings as needed.
    Note: The version of the SmartDeploy Client and the version of the SmartDeploy Console in which the Deployment Package was created must match. You'll receive a warning if they don't match.  
  5. Click OK to start deployment, and then click OK when you are prompted to confirm.  
  6. When the deployment starts, a blue arrow icon is displayed next to the client(s).

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