How does Remote Wipe work?

When a remote employee is fired or a device has been lost or stolen, its good practice to conduct a remote wipe as an added precaution to your standard IT process. You can do this by running a remote script to wipe user data from a computer. To start, download the “Script – RemoteWipe” pack from the Application Pack library. Once downloaded, you can deploy this script remotely over your network or the cloud to complete the remote wipe.


The RemoteWipe Script Pack will erase the system partition and force a reboot of the target computer. This will prevent the computer from booting into Windows, however any data partitions will be left intact. Assuming BitLocker is enabled, any files on the disk will not be accessible to the user.

If needed, an administrator can access files by booting the device to a bootable USB drive or removing the hard drive and connecting it to another machine to provide the BitLocker recovery key.

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