Using file path arguments in Application Packs

When you reference a file within your Application Pack as part of an argument for the installation of an application, include the full path to the file. 

In this example, you're installing Microsoft Office 2019. (See the screenshot below.) The command syntax for a silent installation of Office is setup.exe /configure configuration.xmlAdd the path to both the .exe file and the .xml file in this command.

The executable location for setup.exe is [ApplicationsFolder]\Microsoft Office\Files\Office 2019\setup.exe. Use the same path when you reference the configuraion.xml file: "[ApplicationsFolder]\Microsoft Office\Files\Office 2019\Configuration.xml" 
Note: While the executable location automatically has quotation marks added to the path of the .exe file, you must add them yourself when you specify installation arguments. 

Always check the Command Preview to make sure that the command is correct before you save and close Application Manager.

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