Updating the SmartDeploy Client

SmartDeploy Clients running version 3.x.xxxx will no longer attempt to automatically upgrade themselves upon their first heartbeat following an update to your SmartDeploy Console. Instead; you can now elect to update your SmartDeploy Clients to the version that your console has installed, at your pace. The console will also no longer require your SmartDeploy Clients to be on the same version as the console in order to initiate deployments, unless you are attempting to use a feature that requires an upgrade.

Note: You can verify which version of SmartDeploy have installed by switching to the Tools workspace and looking at the bottom right corner. Client versions are visible in the Computer Management workspace.


We recommend that you keep your SmartDeploy Clients updated to match your console version to make sure your deployments complete as smoothly as possible. 


  1. To update your SmartDeploy Clients, switch to the Computer Management workspace. 
  2. Select the client(s) that you wish to update and then click Update Clients in the Actions pane.

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