When do I need to re-create my boot media?

You must re-create your SmartDeploy boot media in the following scenarios.

Note. Boot media includes any USB boot drives, ISOs, boot images in your Windows Deployment Services (WDS), and Deployment Packages that were created by using the SmartDeploy Console used to initiate your deployments.


After you update your SmartDeploy Console

The boot image that exists on USB, WDS, and Deployment Package media is directly related to the version of SmartDeploy that was used to create it. It’s important to re-create your boot media after you update your SmartDeploy Console.


Potentially after you download new Platform Packs

Some Platform Packs include drivers for Windows PE. After you download new Platform Packs, you can right-click them in the console and select Edit to open them in Platform Manager. You can check to see if a Windows PE 10.0 (x64) folder exists in the Platform Pack. In this example, the Dell Latitude models covered in this pack require ethernet, storage, and Wi-Fi drivers to deploy successfully. This would indicate that re-creating your boot media is required, so that the necessary drivers can be injected into the SmartDeploy boot image.

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After you renew or make changes to your SmartDeploy subscription

If you are purchasing SmartDeploy after a trial period, renewing a previously expired subscription, or have otherwise made a change to your licensing and subscription, you must re-create your boot media. Part of your SmartDeploy license is embedded in the boot image during creation.


After you make changes to your answer file

During boot media creation, your answer file is renamed to SmartDeploy.xml and copied to your boot media. If you are using USB media, you can do this manually. However, if you are using an ISO, a WDS boot media, or a Deployment Package, you must re-create your boot media so that the updated answer file is placed accordingly.

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